My deportation from the US in June 2007

On June 8 of this year (2007) I was driving with my own car from Logan (near Salt Lake City) from home in the State of Utah where I live. I was planning to fill the immigrant petition to the INS after the employment visa H1B, even if I would have to leave the United States to legalize the status, currently I was on B1 visa.

I was driving to Calgary in Canada in the province Alberta, when I got to the border crossing in Coutts/Sweet Grass in the state of Montana, one of very few where the Canadian and the American side share the same office building.

First the immigration officers of the Canada forbade me the entry on Canadian territory because I had no valid Canadian visa. I was not worrying neither about Canadian or American visa because the Polish press reported (Nowy Dziennik around 25th of March) that Poland is the VWP (Visa Vaiver Program) country i.e without visas like the rest of the European Union since the February, so it is also not subjected to issuing visas by Canada.

My tourist-business visa expired only 9 months before this date while the immigration in Atlanta did not issue me the B1 business status for the requested 6 months claiming I cannot do scientific work on it even totally without the US salary or funds from the US source and forced me to adjustment to impossible exchange-visitor status J1 and I was pre-detained and threatened with the immediate return to Warsaw while I was flying from M√ľnchen.

The Canadian side returned me to the American side when I was ordered to wait in detention 5 hours since 3 am for the immigration officers supervisor. After a few hours the immigration officer arrested me according to the article 236 of the Immigration and the Naturalization Act. I remained silence and I was transported to the arrest in Shelby, and after tree days to the arrest in Boulder near Helena in the State of Montana.

Next, with the combination of planes and buses I was transported for about one week to the immigration court in Florence in the state of Arizona. On June 25 because of severe living conditions in the deportation camp and bedsores I have asked the immigration judge for the voluntary departure from the USA. On July 27 I was taken with the prison van to the cargo airport in Santa Ana in the State of California, from where I was taken by the KLM plane to Amsterdam.

I do not understand the aggressiveness of United States immigration services against my person i.e. my arrest by the USA during the DEPARTURE [sic] from the Unites States and while driving my own car and during the legalization of acts allowing illegal immigrants remaining in the USA, the membership of the Republic of Poland in the European Union and lack of any other nations of the European Union in deportation arrests of the USA, and also the fact of having the house in the USA and the way I was traveling.

I was cut from home and few hundred thousand dollars property in the USA. While traveling for one day to Canada I found myself after two months of arrest at Okecie airport cut from my home. I am the world famous scientist and I have never worked illegally in USA neither outside my profession. I got to the USA on F-1 visa and later worked on H1B visa and frequently traveled on B1/B2 visa.

In 1991 I graduated Warsaw University of Technology and next after sending about 25000 letters to all universities on the world and passing the American Great Matura GRE and TOELF I managed to get into PhD studies in the University of Rochester in the State of New York.

In the USA I found myself really because of poverty in Poland and not friendly attitude of the European Union to Polish passport.

In 1992 I was accepted to the University of Lancaster, but because of the lack of the Republic of Poland membership in the European Union I was being requested thousands of pounds tuition fees which I was able to avoid in the USA. Despite of the fact that I am traveling on Passport of Republic of Poland I have also the citizenship of the Federal Republic of Germany and the second place of permanent residence in Germany.

In the arrest of the immigration court in Florence I was the only one of two Polish citizens for about 200-500 Latinos per day arrested for crossing the Mexican border.

Matt Kalinski